Emerging Buds!

Photo Challenge: Awakening

In between the raindrops, sleet and snow…I was able to get some flower buds that had been washed in rainwater!


Each season has its color.  Spring is full of every color imaginable; pinks, orchids, yellows, different shades of red splashing the landscape sharply contrast the dreary white & grayish tones of Winter.  In the morning the trees are bare, come back in the evening the tree leaves have started to bud!  Spring is a time when every day can bring a new and wonderful surprise and gift…tiny flower buds in the morning, and by the afternoon, the flowers are emerging!


If we take the time to be “present” and “smell the flowers”…Spring paints a colorful canvas of color for us to enjoy. Flowers, hiking trails, Botanical Gardens, the Zoo all have a natural landscape and beauty that calm and feed the soul!:)

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