White Noise

Daily Post: Noise

Does anyone else struggle with sensory overload? I work in a high energetic active environment. Sometimes by the end of the day…I am on sensory overload. For me, quiet is good, quiet is golden. I don’t always have to be talking, reflecting, meditating gives time to decompress, to take a moment…

Our devices also create a “white noise”…the apps have sounds, the TV is blaring, our cells with the notification sounds every time we receive a text. Who can’t be without music? We seem to fill every bit of our day with sounds and white noise. It can be easier to “tune into” the white noise and “tune out” the noise, the sounds that matter. Our spouse, significant other saying, “I Love You!”, or a loved one saying, “Thinkin’ ’bout ya!”, or our child that says, “I needed to talk to you!” “Miss You!”

Every morning when I wake up…I take some quiet time for myself. Thats when the sun is coming up, I read my devotional, I might do a few light exercises. Its the way I start my day positively. I am introverted…I need my space, I need my Quiet. I am grateful that I am able to give this nurturing gift to myself everyday!

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