Finally! The Last Day of 2017…A Time to Reflect

Daily Post: Finally

The Year 2017 is finally coming to an end. Remember last year at this time when 2016 was ending…what hopes, goals and dreams were on the horizon in the Year 2017? Like the roller coaster of life…what unexpected events took place that really took you by surprise! Its always difficult to adapt to change whether its in the work place or in our personal lives.

“Learn, Adapt, Change”…I learned this phrase from a family member this year.

In the span of three months, we had a family member graduate Nursing School, take & passed the NCLEX Exam, a nursing job at a prestigious hospital, and bought a home! Our family member was ready to “Soar!”

After our 2nd daughter moved out this past Fall, we are now truly “Empty Nesters”. We are adjusting to our new “Normal.” We take time and make a point of being present to connect with both our daughters.

My husband & I have wanted to do a garden. We had done them before but they were not too successful. So this time, he studied how and what he wanted to do. He built a raised garden bed, he bought different types of soils, that had different nutrients, we purchased a 55 balloon rain barrel to capture the rain water for the garden. We had an amazing and bountiful garden in 2017!

What will 2018 bring? Not a clue! Whatever 2018 has in store for us…we will face together, with grace & perseverance!

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