‘Tis the Season…

What is it about this time of year…

It used to be from Thanksgiving to the New Year was a circus of parties, gift wrapping, family & friend gatherings, etc.

Now it seems like it starts around Halloween and does not stop until the New Year! Parties, shopping, did it all get done? We have an onslaught of media suggestions about Black Friday. All those suggestions in trying to get the perfect gift produce the dreaded Anxiety! I’ve had to learn to “block out the white noise”!

As the season gets into full swing, there is a sensory overload, “Keep Calm during a Chaotic Time of Year”…I find this time of year can be magical, inspirational, full of whimsy and Random Acts of Kindness. I think the Magic of the Season is what makes me hopeful yet anxious…as though its too good to be true. Why is it that for approximately six weeks at the end of the year there is a feeling of infinite possibility in the air? We prepare ourselves for the celebration that is specific to our heritage. We go out and look at the holiday lights whether its in the city or in the neighborhood and there is something so hopeful about the city or neighborhood lit up for the holidays…and the holiday music is so beautiful to listen to!

Why is this “a thing” every year at the end of the year. The lights, the music, the feeling of hope, the kindness, the excitement and electricity in the air…why is it gone after the New Year? I “white knuckle” through this time since I know the end of the chaos is nearing, the presents have been opened, the holiday gatherings are done, the out of town guests have left.

I do things to help myself cope with all the sensory overload that is inevitable. I am also finding that as the years go by…I can handle more of the chaos. I am learning to appreciate the beauty of the season and all it has to offer, and that includes the sensory overload and turmoil.

Kindness is a Lifestyle

There is a much more important reason…Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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