Gratitude Opens The Heart!

Daily Post: Gratitude

Gratitude makes all things possible! Over the years, I have kept a gratitude journal, at the end of each day I would list 3-5 things I was grateful for. There have been days, I could have listed many more than 3-5 and other days I struggled to find what I was grateful for. The Gratitude Journal was like “practicing” the piano. The more entries I made, the more it helped me develop a consistent sense of appreciating my family, friends, my home, job, the sun, the flowers, the rain we might sourly need, the leaves falling in Autumn. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing daughters. I get the chance everyday to count my blessings…Gratitude. I seem to come back around and get in touch with Gratitude when times are tough…There is something about struggles and difficulty in life that brings me back to whats important, what I value. When life is good and I have everything I want and need, than Gratitude becomes less of a priority. Life can be fast paced and amazing and thats when I can derail myself and take the good things for granted. As the years have gone by I have learned to incorporate Gratitude into my Morning Routine. There is something about meditating, another form of prayer that helps me to see the glass “Half Full”, Gratitude helps me adapt to the changes in my life, I have faith, hope and trust that I will learn to adapt.

Gratitude is a choice.  What choice do you make?

My Gratitude Photos:



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