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For some odd reason the word “control” keeps popping up. Isn’t it funny that we try to “control” our environment, our circumstances, every detail of our life and then something happens…

We find out our health is not what we thought, we lose our job, or …
suddenly “control” is not what we anticipated. We cannot control our health, we can try to take care of ourselves, but genetics does play a role. Jobs come & go, and no matter how well you do your job, sometimes restructing or politics plays a role and suddenly we find ourselves out of a job. So what about control? Why do we do it? What do we think we are accomplishing by “controlling” our circumstances?

Being in control can mean lack of trust for anyone else to handle an issue, or who will take care of it properly.  Controlling one’s environment can be anything from checking, rechecking and one more time checking the stove or the straightener before leaving the house, verifying everything to verifying everyone around you, Micromanager Extraordinaire!  Every time something in my life happens I am not be able to control;  for example a life or medical event with a family member…I think, “ok, here we go, I’m on the Roller Coaster ride again!  I have just started the ascend up that 90 degree incline, I just know when I get the top, I don’t know whats next…but I am white knuckling through

What would happen is we stopped trying to “control” our environment, our circumstances and had faith, hope and trust that things will fall into place as they are meant to, maybe not in our timeframe, and possibly not even in the way we were orchestrating events to have a predetermined outcome.  I believe that life events happen for a reason, hopefully to get us to a better place, one door closes another one opens or maybe its an opportunity to hit the “Reset” button.  Faith, Trust & Hope are all things we cannot see, nor touch.  Using faith, trust & hope for example when it comes to our children.  Having faith, “they got this!” & trust that you have raised them to be good citizens of the world, they will make good decisions, it doesn’t mean they won’t fall along the way…but they will ultimately  “take hold.”  While this process is happening, hope for the best.

I believe in faith, hope & trust…its what helps me surrender control and allow the uncomfortable parts of life to evolve!

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