Daily Post: Shallow

Do you ever wonder “Am I good enough, am I pretty enough, am I the right size, will I ever have enough money, will anyone ever love me? I’ll be happy when…”

Everyone has insecurities…it’s what makes us “Human!”  When we place more value on superficial cues based on our appearance, our wants or what other people think…we run the risk of looking at things from a shallow perspective.  The trick is to take the insecurities and empower oneself to overcome what makes us insecure.  It takes work to learn to love yourself and what you believe in.  We are all “works in progress!”

Love your authentic self…it is a stepping stone toward Happiness!  Warts and all, Plus Size body, Frizzy, Thin, Short or Long Hair, accept and embrace yourself…because behind every insecurity is a story waiting to be told or a challenge waiting to be overcome.   Things can make us happy for a while until boredom or another item needs to be acquired…loving and accepting oneself is a gift you give yourself that never goes out of style + it looks great on everyone!

There is only One Authentic You that has layers to who you are…

Push yourself beyond the Shallow Insecurities that may be holding you back to discover your authentic self since there is no one else exactly like you! 


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