Introvert of Extrovert?

We all have a personality that defines who we are. If you are blessed to be an Extrovert, you have a charismatic personality that lights up a room when you enter. You have the ability to capture an audience and draw them in. An Extrovert demonstrates how outgoing is the best. Usually anything written about an Extrovert is positive, no one recommends, “extroverts should tone it down a little bit!”

I am an Introvert. The way I would define myself….

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I need alone time, in fact I enjoy it. I enjoy nature, gardening, yard work, walks in nature where I can enjoy the beauty of the trees and the animals. I love to bake and cook, creating or designing something. I need my space to be able to be successful at those endeavors. If I am around too much noise, activity, loudness, that will give me sensory overload, which causes me to shut down. The information I see about Introverts, is how an Introvert can improve to not be so introverted. I did not realize being an Introvert was a personality flaw!

I am blessed to be married to an Extrovert. One of my daughters is an Extrovert, the other is an Introvert. It takes all types of people to make this world otherwise…we’d all be exactly the same!

Being married to an Extrovert, having a daughter that is an Extrovert…I am grateful they have personalities that fill a room with laughter!

I like my Introverted ness…I accept myself as an Introvert, I like my quiet, my space, my books, my nature, my time to recharge. If I tried to be anything other than who I am…I wouldn’t be my authentic self.

Embrace who you…Introvert or Extrovert which one are You?

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