Relieved … Graduated!

“You are 1 credit short to graduate, contact me ASAP to discuss your options.”

When she got the email that she was one credit short to graduate 14 days before graduation…she immediately responded to the email from her advisor as well as called her.  In typical fashion, as soon as her advisor hit the “Send” button, she left for the weekend.  Urgh-h!

She tried the Registrar’s Office next…gone for the weekend, she talked to a student helper that recommended emailing the registrar.  Next step was to wait…Sunday evening a response from the Registrar stated,

“You need a Waiver Exemption Form, I will handle for you.” Whew all done!

Wait a second, not yet…Monday morning, an email from her Department Chair,

“This is your responsibility, you need to get this form handled yourself.”  A Waiver Exemption Form for one credit short that she was grandfathered into.  All classes were taken, the grandfathered credit was not issued to her, so this was an internal technicality that should not have reached her, the student.

After much chaos and drama running back and forth between buildings on campus to acquire four different signatures of four university staff unavailable at the same time…form did get signed!

Relieved…no more hiccups on the way to Graduation!

Daily Prompt: Relieved

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