My Story through Blogging

When my father was ill twenty years ago…he decided to write his autobiography.  He knew he was terminally ill and he had to quickly get down his thoughts.  Family members worked with him to get this very important project done before he passed away.  We, my brothers and sisters all received a hardcover autobiography book from our dad, after he passed away.  I learned things about my father I did not know, yet there was no opportunity to ask him questions about his stories.

I have always enjoyed writing.  My husband suggested I blog as a creative outlet.  My focus is to write about my experiences and what I learned or how I persevered through a difficult situation.  I believe that Positivity Inspires!  My blog posts tell my story through my life experiences and what I have learned along my journey.

One important lesson I have learned…The ability to adapt to change.  I work in education, it’s ever evolving and changing.  I enjoy to learn and challenge myself.  Blogging provides me a creative outlet yet challenges me to try different things.  I get to use my love of writing to share my stories and experiences and see the silver lining around the cloud of some of my difficult times.  Times change, how we tell our story is ever evolving.  Similar to my father, I am writing down my stories one blog post at a time.

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