The Last Gift from Mom

I wrote this piece last year in honor of my mom for Mother’s Day…it never gets old missing you, Mom!:)

My mother, sister & I all have February birthdays.  When I was growing up, once in a while, the three of us would go to a hotel over the weekend during the month of February to celebrate our birthdays.  Those times were special, we created a memory that I will never forget.

As the years past, schedules got in the way, and pretty soon those weekend getaways at a hotel were a distant memory.  This weekend, I was winding our clock and next to our clock is a small lavender box.  My mother & father used to go to Florida in the winter.  Twenty years ago my father passed away.  After he passed away, there were many memories of times spent there.  It became difficult for my mother to go.  My sister and my mother took a trip to Florida and while they were there, they purchased this beautiful piece for me!  Inside the box, is potpourri that has the aroma, I can’t even describe it…like sand and surf or a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

That trip would be my mother’s last to Florida as she passed away 15 years ago.  I cannot even begin to describe the sentimental value this piece has.  Its silly, its illogical, it is not my mom…but yet…its the last piece she gave me.  I cherish this gift so when I open it, the aroma from the potpourri reminds me of the beach.  Anyone who knew mom knew how much she loved the water.  She could make adventure out of looking for sea shells.


I miss mom, our visits, talking to her about life, our family, maybe a choice I needed to make, my kids.  Our parents always made the time.  Every time I open it, I am reminded of this last gesture from her.  I get a piece of my mom! It smells heavenly…I imagine them at the store picking this piece out.  I am in awe that it is so perfect!  I love the design its exactly what I would have selected, the shape, the color is so appropriate, the fragrance.

imageThis is my favorite picture of my mom.  She looks so young, so happy and full of mischief!  She may have left me this beautiful lavender box, but she left me so much more.  She gave me friendship, advice, counsel, a shoulder whenever I needed her.  When I did get advice…she would use a Track & Field analogy.  Our parents coached Track & Field at our grade school growing up. So when there was a life crisis, it would go something like:

“Hurdles are just obstacles that have to be cleared.”

“Some people are sprinters and others are distance runners…which one are you?”

“In the relay of life…be sure the baton gets passed.”

“Run past the finish line…don’t stop short!”

❤️Missing my mom on this Mother’s Day! ❤️

Happy Mother’s Day!

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