The Story of How We Met…

There are so many different options today for singles to meet a potential significant other.  Meeting someone can happen at an event or someplace you go, friends can set you up on a blind date and there are various online dating sites.  Back “in the day” before the internet, before and the other dating sites, there were dating services that matched compatible individuals.

I had dated, I had been on blind dates, I had been out with groups of friends.  What I was doing was not working, so I decided to try this dating service I kept hearing advertised when I listened to a radio station, yes a radio station before iTunes!  As it turned out, my husband listened to the same radio station heard the same advertisement and was also feeling similar, he had tried all the conventional routes to dating.  We both received each other’s information and we had a few conversations on the phone before we met.  When we felt comfortable with the pace of the conversation, we decided to have our first date, which was to a stock car race!  Our chemistry was immediate!  Through our conversations we learned we had similar values and goals, we enjoyed each other’s company, so we continued to see each other…every day!

We knew early on that we were very serious about each other.  So it was no surprise that after only eleven weeks from our first date, we got married.  It was a whirlwind romance…that ended in marriage.  Friday, October 28th, we are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary.  We were married on Friday, October 28th.  

Loving Marriages require effort, how did we beat the odds?:

Open Hearts…hear the other person

Open Minds…listen to the other person

Listen…without judging

Communication…the ability to talk about anything; those conversations may get “lively” yet we collaborate toward a solution

Forgiveness…realizing that neither of us are perfect, we make mistakes

Acceptance…Love the person I married, not the person I want him to be

My husband is my best friend, we enjoy each other’s company, we enjoy spending time just the two of us whether its outside in the yard working on a project, going on a mini date or going away for a vacation.

Happy Anniversary!



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