Life is about Balance

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Balancing One’s Life…

We start out with hopes & dreams that translate into family, careers and responsibilities.  As Life happens, ambition replaces idealistic hopes and with families to support we end up finding our life is out of balance.  Out of balance is  a shift in the status quo…working long hours to the point that relationships suffer.  Discovering a vice that helps one cope with the everyday stressors life can bring.  It could mean finding other places to turn when one’s life is out of balance.  If there are problems at home, finding someplace else to go, being someplace else that is fun and less stressful if home is full of tension and arguing.

We’ve had job loss in our home over the years, and nothing puts a home out of balance quicker than the main provider out of work.  The whole place turns upside down, topsy turvey.  The only thing I could ever hope for was that eventually the situation would “right itself,” which it usually did.

When our daughters were growing up, I would say to them, “Life is about Balance”.  After a while that phrase must have sounded like “white noise” to them!  Why do we have such a hard time balancing love, family and career?  Some people’s comfort zone is in working long hours, there is a productiveness that one cannot always find in relationships.  Or some people enjoy home & family life, having the opposite dilemna, working everyday outside the home is not their forte.

I have found that by having a balance, I give myself a gift everyday.  I allow myself to be with my family but to also have time with friends.  To do my best at my work everyday, but to know at the end of the work day…I go home and spend the evening relaxing, enjoying the time away from work.  I made a promise to myself to have a balanced life which includes the physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual.  I try to eat properly, get exercise, plenty of rest.  I am a life long learner so my intellectual side in satisfied.  Spending time with family and friends helps my emotional being.   That keeps me sane in a sometimes chaotic day!  The spiritual for me can be church, praying or even meditating.  Sometimes I feel like a juggler trying to keep my husband, children and job in harmony, in balance and keep everything juggling in the air without falling.  Balance means I value myself, I value my life and I value the people I love and the job I do everyday.

Yet sometimes balance does not happen.  Maybe there is too much of a workload right now, or maybe someone is ill in the house, so another person has to do more.  Relationships are tricky, sometimes everything is going great, and then other times tension, and arguing.  We are all “works in progress.”

Life is About Balance…

We deserve Happiness, Love & to feel Valued!




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