Our NOLA Adventure!

When we took this trip to New Orleans last Fall I was not blogging.  So I am a little late in blogging about this amazing trip that was a whirlwind!  We were traveling during the end of a backlash of a hurricane.  All the travel alerts on my phone told me to “reschedule.”  Thank God I did not do that!   Although part of one of our days was windy and rainy, we still found indoor activities that allowed to continue to enjoy New Orleans.

We had so much fun and exceptional customer service!   I was so impressed with the customer service!!!  I’ve had people comment to me, “Well, that’s their business…tourism.”  When I say customer service, I mean, from the coffee place to the sales person for our sweatshirts  every person was as hospitable and helpful as the maitre’d in the hotel we stayed at.

From the music to the food…a wonderful experience!

We got to New Orleans, and we went directly to our hotel, where we met up with our daughter and we had some lunch.  She had scoped out all the places to go.  We started by traveling to the Jackson Square…what an amazing place!  The art and the music was wonderful to check out.



The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, also called St. Louis Cathedral


Next, we went to the French Quarter…WOW!  That was so incredible.  The food and the  trinkets being sold, that’s where we bought souvenir sweat shirts!   We made our way to Cafe Du Monde



Our French Quarter Selfie!

We went out that evening to go to Bourbon Street…

While we were out at Bourbon Street, we found a  pre-Halloween parade:

“Krewe of Boo”…

The Cathederal-Basilica of St. Louis during the “Krew of Boo” Parade – October 2015

We packed so much fun into 48 hours!  We walked all over New Orleans French Quarter, sampling the local food.  We had an amazing time!

We ❤️ NOLA!!!!:)




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