“The Rowboat of Life”

I think all of us experience life events, whether it is a job loss, health issue, marital woes or our own children’s problems.  Like everyone else, we have had our share of obstacles to overcome.  With the hurdles we faced, I feel incredibly blest that our family faced them together.

My husband had some health issues almost a decade ago.  At that time, we had teenage children.  That analogy “When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade?”

“How about when Life gives you Dodgeball Lemons!?!?!”

One dilemna after another no time to process.  I’ve learned it’s not what happens…it’s how I react, how I handle what is happening.  My greatest life lesson; That having children, whether they are young or grown adults, our children are observing the modeling we do.


One day when I was speaking to my kids I said, “Imagine we were on the luxury cruise liner with all the bells and whistles.  We have been displaced to the lifeboat that has no provisions, no life jackets, it only has oars for us to row.  We, (our family) has to stay the course and row in harmony to get that boat to safety.  That is the only way to get through this situation we are in right now.”

Fortunately, my husband came through his health issue.  We did stay “the course” as a family and supported and loved one another.  For me, this analogy has served me well.  Since this instance nearly 10 years ago, there have been other situations that have arose, and I always find comfort in visualizing my “Rowboat to Safety Analogy”, it grounds me and helps keep my priorities in order.

Family is the Most Important Thing!


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