Down to the Wire!

Our daughter approached us around the holidays to ask if she was able to take a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend and his family to visit extended family in Mexico of which we agreed.  They both needed to get passports, so our daughter & her boyfriend applied for their passports near New Year’s Eve.  Their trip was planned for the first week of March so they felt they had allowed ample time.




A View from the Top!

Their passports came back in late January.  Her boyfriend realized after looking at his passport that his middle name was misspelled.  It was the first week of February, they were leaving the first week of March.  He investigated what was required to be able to correct his passport, took the necessary steps and sent his passport away.  Weeks passed, our daughter’s boyfriend waited, called, spoke to many people, who ultimately told him his passport had been lost even though he had a tracking # that showed the passport had been received.  The next day, eight days prior to their trip, in the mail, his passport came back, still incorrect with a letter of explanation!


Everything at that point felt hopeless.  He felt defeated that this trip with non refundable tickets, passport fees was not going to happen.  After much discussion with his family including his grandparents and our daughter, he made a decision to “expedite” his passport.

He received his passport back on a Saturday 2nd time sent back incorrect,  information was gathered on Sunday to send away the incorrect passport to get it corrected, Monday the passport was expedited.  Part of the service is receiving updates about the passport.

Wednesday things didn’t look good.  Thursday it looked worse, later Thursday everything was a go!  Friday the passport was sent back to our daughter’s boyfriend, correct.  High 5’s all around!  Not sure what happened, very glad everything fell into place to allow their trip to happen!

Perseverance, patience & faith made this possible!

These are pictures from their Mexican Adventure!!



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