“Gently” Used Book Sale Generates Excitement!



School libraries have a challenge to provide books, reading materials and technology for students with an almost nonexistent budget.  Our elementary LRC utilizes technology in learning, research and for online books,  and students still use books.  They check out books every week from the library.  The challenge becomes how to fund the needs of the students, to provide the resources and make affordable options for all students.

This year we tried something different…a complete departure from the standard Book Fair.  My LMS set a specific goal to “change it up” by having a “Gently” Used Book Sale!  Her goal was to put economically priced books into the hands of more students.  We reached out to our community for book donations.  The response was overwhelming!  Many of the donations we received were hardly used to brand new books.

Our AP suggested having the sale with our Literacy Night…great idea!  The parents and students that attended were at the school to celebrate Literacy!   Our sale was a  wonderful compliment to the Literacy Event.  All books were $5 and under, who doesn’t like a bargain!  Many happy students were able to get more affordable books so we met our goal!

More Books in the Hands of More Students helps kids get excited about Reading

It’s a Win Win!

Used Book Sale & Literacy Night

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