“Growing Up with Management”

How is it, that we do not appreciate what we have until it's gone... My dad passed away several years ago.  Growing up in a large family, he was the "glue" in our family.  He spent his career in banking management as he had an aptitude for numbers and finance.  As a young girl I [...]

“The Rowboat of Life”

I think all of us experience life events, whether it is a job loss, health issue, marital woes or our own children's problems.  Like everyone else, we have had our share of obstacles to overcome.  With the hurdles we faced, I feel incredibly blest that our family faced them together. My husband had some health [...]

Down to the Wire!

Our daughter approached us around the holidays to ask if she was able to take a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend and his family to visit extended family in Mexico of which we agreed.  They both needed to get passports, so our daughter & her boyfriend applied for their passports near New Year's Eve. [...]

“Gently” Used Book Sale Generates Excitement!

  School libraries have a challenge to provide books, reading materials and technology for students with an almost nonexistent budget.  Our elementary LRC utilizes technology in learning, research and for online books,  and students still use books.  They check out books every week from the library.  The challenge becomes how to fund the needs of [...]