“Triumph or Epic Failure?”

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt “set up?”

Some of us are “set up” for success…we are given all the resources and tools necessary as well as the path for success.

Others of us…are just plain set up.  

We’re given an assignment or task with the incorrect or incomplete information, possibly sent to the wrong location, given obsolete resources and tools to complete a task that was destined for failure.

That can be the end of the story or…

That epic failure “set up” can be the start of perseverance and tenacity.  Everyone is dealt a “hand of cards”, some of us have a full house-SCORE!  While others have nothin’!  Stay in the game, it’s crucial.

Where is the personal growth in easy peasy?

Authentic personal growth is gained from challenges involving our interpersonal relationships whether it be work, family or friends and difficult times in our lives.

The growth happens when we let go, unsure of what’s next and opening our minds & hearts to the possibilities!:)

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